April Fool’s

Are chocolate bars growing on trees?(Yr.13)

In Schwedt many trees were found which have many different chocolate varieties as fruits.
The day before yesterday in the afternoon M. M. saw one tree with five bars of milk chocolate. He couldn’t believe his eyes, but it was so curious so he tried the chocolate. M. reported to the journalist that it was so delicious so he had to bite off again.
I took one of the chocolate bars and went to Dr. S.Nickers to check the substance. After a few hours he called back and insured that this was normal, eatable chocolate. He also found out, that the Schwedt chocolate was healthier than other well- known chocolate.
Yesterday morning we were looking at the chocolate trees again and there was much more than the day before. Before people can eat the chocolate without reservation scientists must check out how the plant grows and what the plant needs to live.
Maybe you can look forward to eating the chocolate in a few days from the trees. Watch out!