AusTrALia- Bondy Beach SAND

20150514What? English Olympics about Australia at GS Talsand

When? Last Thursday, May 7

Who took part? 14 students from year 9

All these students answered questions in a quiz, listened to the National anthem, filled in gaps, completed texts and, last but not least, ATE Australian cake (Lamingtons) made by Angelique and DRANK Australian lemonade. Ask Mrs Pohle-Hahn for the recipe! We welcomed the students in a room which was decorated with Australian symbols. The students reached especially good results in the quiz.

Who were the winners?

Lina Wagner(9/5) was excellent, Antonia Schünemann (9/4) was really good, third place took Jolina Lenk (9/2) and Alex Opitz (9/1).

I really enjoyed learning so much, preparing the Olympics and doing the tasks with students and for the students.

Many thanks to my English teacher for her ideas. Hope to see the students in another challenge next year.

Angelique Franke, YR12