Englischkurse besuchen „The Wave“

Englischunterricht mal anders- Schüler der Oberstufe sahen am 24.2.2014 das Theaterstück „The Wave“, eine Produktion der American Drama Group Europe als Gastspiel an den Uckermärkischen Bühnen. Gut vorbereitet ließen sich die Schüler auf die Muttersprachler ein und verfolgten das Geschehen. Hier einige Stimmen der Schüler der 11a nach dem Stück:
„I absolutely recommend the play to all people, it doesn’t matter if they are students or pensioners.“

„For me the ending came too fast and it was shortened too much.“

„It was incredible how they played and acted.“

„I have never seen an English play before and now I can just recommend doing it to everyone.“

„I think it is worth watching because it is interesting and you can learn a lot.“

„I recommend the play to people who haven’t seen the film, the film is much more thrilling.“

„It was fascinating to see how one can show so much with so little.“

„My point of view is that I would recommend it to anyone, it reflects the general message of the experiment but there are a few things I don’t like.“

„For me the setting was a total disadvantage, it confused me to see only boxes being moved around.“

„I enjoyed the play a lot and I recommend it to everyone who doesn’t mind an awesome story served in a simple way.“

„…an average theatre play…“

„The language they spoke was good to understand.“
Ausgewählt von Christiane Pohle-Hahn, wenn Ihr mehr lesen wollt, kommt im R309 vorbei.