Jahrgang 9 auf Studienfahrt in London: 26March- 31March 2023

Our first study trip to a foreign place has started. With the help of our organizing teachers, Mrs. Pohle-Hahn, Mrs. Zager and Mr. Matthies. Including a huge thanks to Daniel Jahn (our bus driver for most of the time) and the go-prisma company for making this opportunity possible.
The very first day was exhausting. The long bus ride, 19hrs, kept everyone having a pretty big lack of sleep. Even after the bus ride we had a ship to go onto, although that woke lots of people up. The ship was quite small, even though some students found it big, due to it being their first time on that transporting vehicle. A new experience for some. When we arrived it was quite the nice weather. I myself was hyped up by then, simply because I always wanted to go to London. As we arrived to the targeted location, we drove to a place called „Greenwich Park“. Including that we took a tour on this boat around London’s most famous sights, it was fascinating. On that evening we met our host families that took care of us. My family was so nice! A woman took care of me and my friends, she also has two kids who, unfortunately, didn’t want to talk to us. The reason behind that being that they’re just too shy. Also, she had two pets; one black cat, Tom and a black dog, Buddy (who wanted to take away our food on the first day). The next day was chill. We played cricket (which I personally enjoyed a lot). We didn’t do much on that day though, we only played cricket and the rest of the day we spent on a short walking tour through Windsor and enjoyed some free time. On Wednesday we went on a guided tour through London with Paul, the guide, where we visited the Science Museum in the afternoon. The whole museum was basically a maze in which you could get lost in, unless you had a map. There were lots and lots of different things you could look at and even interact with. There were stations where you could play a game with your friend, it was fun if you would’ve asked me. It was very crowded in some places though, that’s why I didn’t get a chance to really take a look at everything, but it was still very interesting. Last but not least: Thursday. In the morning we had to gather our things together to take it to the bus. But that didn’t stop us from visiting one last place, the Tower of London on Tower Hill with the famous Crown Jewels – awesome. They are extraordinarily beautiful. Alongside that, we took a look at different towers including the bloody tower (which my classmates were very excited to see). It was an interesting last sight to see in London. And that’s how we came across the very last thing we did in London. We took the tubes to go from one place to another. Me and my friends visited the King‘s Cross Station to take a look at the Harry Potter shop as true fans of the movies (we bought lots of things including Hermione Granger‘s wand). We then drove to China Town to check out how pretty it was, and indeed it was very beautiful. Just like in the pictures. And that concludes our trip to London while we now are driving back to our homeplace.

(von Anastasija Pancenko für das Team)

Gegen das Vergessen – Für die Opfer von Diktatur und Tyrannei

„Wer sich nicht der Vergangenheit erinnert, ist dazu verurteilt, sie immer wieder zu erleben.“

Diese Worte des spanischen Philosophen George de Santayana drücken in beeindruckender Weise die Bedeutung des Erinnerns, der Mahnung und des Gedenkens, gerade durch nachfolgende Generationen, aus.

Nach zwei Jahren pandemiebedingter Pause konnte nun wieder die Tradition unserer Schule fortgeführt werden, alljährlich in der JST 10 durch einen Besuch der Mahn- und Gedenkstätte des Konzentrationslagers Sachsenhausen der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus und des sowjetischen Speziallagers zu gedenken.

Ca. 110 Schülerinnen und Schülern aller 10. Klassen wurde in mehreren Führungen der Aufbau und die Funktionsweise des Konzentrationslagers sowie das Leiden und Sterben der Häftlinge nahe gebracht. Die Führungen und die selbstständige Erkundung des Lagergeländes mit seinen ständigen und Sonderausstellungen ermöglichten eine intensive Auseinandersetzung mit der Thematik.

Den Beginn bildete das Verlesen eines Zeitzeugenberichtes und von Ehren- und Gedenkworten durch Ardon Troni und Philipp-Pascal Zschuppe, denen dafür ein besonderer Dank gilt. Danach wurde am Mahnmal den tausenden Opfern, sowohl der nationalsozialistischen als auch der kommunistischen Diktatur, in einer Schweigeminute und durch das Niederlegen von Blumengebinden  gedacht.

R. Johs